Information Technology

You are a whiz on the computer, but you also like business. You created your own website for your babysitting or lawn-mowing service in high school and showed your parents how to protect their accounts online. Sound like you? Then you might be perfect for the information technology sector, which includes database networking, information security, and online marketing as some of the major focus areas.

Companies aspiring to maintain consumer confidence in a struggling economy are spending more on information technology to expand their global reach. Increasing demand for specialists in the information technology field means graduates in this major will have plenty of career opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that information technology professionals with complementary expertise in business and communications will have the most promising career opportunities.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology combines traditional computer science courses with knowledge of business management and financial and analytics practices. This integrated curriculum teaches you the range of skills that are essential to success in all careers.

As an Information Technology major, you benefit from exposure to diverse technologies as they relate to business. These include software development, digital arts, databases, IT security management, telecommunications, website building, computer architecture, project management, and analytics. The program also focuses on the creation of technology tools and explores topics such as programming, data structures, and algorithm design.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Bryant’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology prepares you for a number of careers. Recent graduates hold titles such as associate application developer, business analyst, software developer, platform analyst, and technology security and risk services associate, to name a few. You will also be prepared to enter graduate school and pursue a variety of advanced degrees.

Information Technology faculty

Bryant’s Information Technology faculty include prominent scholars, teachers, and industry experts and practitioners. They enhance their expertise through research, publishing, consulting, and community service, and bring this knowledge into the classroom. They also provide personal guidance for students pursuing internships and positions in the many industries that rely on exceptional information technology skills and competencies.