Mathematical and Statistical Computing

Studying mathematical and statistical computing may seem intimidating to some, but Bryant’s acclaimed faculty can help solve that problem, so to speak, offering expertise and guidance in all areas. They are published authors with extensive experience in helping students master the ability to solve problems using appropriate theory and software.

Courses in the Mathematical and Statistical Computing interest area are geared to solving real-world problems. The focus is as much on the application of mathematics and statistics as on theory.

Students learn to use sophisticated computer software, including: Microsoft Visual Basic, SAS programming, SPSS Clementine, Excel with the Solver and Crystal Ball add-ins, and SPSS.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Students with a strong background in mathematical and statistical computing are in high demand by companies in a number of fields including pharmaceutical, economics, finance, marketing, actuarial, and accounting, among others.

Mathematics and Statistical Computing faculty

Among Bryant’s faculty include a former chief statistician at a major health care company, a developer of statistical models at the global SAS corporation, two faculty members who have taken advanced data mining courses at SAS, and several expert witnesses in court cases involving statistics. In addition, all of our faculty members are active researchers in this field, and they are members of the Mu Sigma Rho National Honor Society for Statistics and Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Society of Mathematics.