Mathematics of Finance

“Compound interest is mankind’s greatest mathematical discovery,” Albert Einstein is credited with saying. Money is part of everyone’s life, every day, whether it is figuring out the monthly interest on a loan or managing your stocks and bonds.

Mathematics of Finance will teach you how to evaluate financial decisions and weigh different outcomes, giving you the practical skills to grow your personal and professional finances.

Classes include the Mathematics of Finance, Insurance and Pensions, Statistics, Finance or Economics, and Software Applications.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

A strong understanding of finance and its practical application and impact is a skill that is required in a number of careers, including: accounting, banking, financial planning, insurance, investments, and law.

Mathematics of Finance faculty

The Mathematics of Finance faculty include active researchers and authors in the area of the mathematics of finance, and they publish in national journals on financial planning. They include a professor who is an expert on Social Security. He has written mathematics of finance textbooks and software, and has consulted for pension consultants and attorneys, and has appeared on NBC national news. 

Planning for the long-term

Robert Muksian

Robert Muksian, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics

What do you do with your Social Security benefits at 65? Do you delay claiming your benefit as long as possible or take the money and run? It's a question on the minds of many, and a topic Professor Robert Muksian is a well-published expert on.

Muksian, chair of the mathematics department from 1976 to 1989, is currently working to formulate a strategy for a 100% probability of not outliving one’s assets. He is the recipient of a Bryant Distinguished faculty award.