Media and Cultural Studies

Students completing a concentration or a minor in Media and Cultural Studies will:

  • Interpret, analyze, and critique cultural artifacts and practices (including film, television, and new media)
  • Create various types of media texts and participate in a variety of cultural practices (including image production, film, theory, and argumentation)
  • Describe and critique the social, historical, and linguistic worlds that surround media texts, with emphasis on international and U.S. multicultural perspectives
  • Demonstrate effective writing and speaking skills

Media Studies provides the opportunity for students to think across media forms and cultural contexts.  It is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the content, history, and effects of various media, including television, film, and digital technologies. The program offers students the chance to both make and reflect on these media.  Students of media studies learn to analyze media texts, situate them within historical contexts and engage in theoretical debates about them.  They also experiment in the production of a variety of media texts.  Students learn to create original work, analyze and appreciate the work of others, and assess the wider impact of mass media on public life.  Fundamental to Media Studies is the cultivation and honing of communication skills necessary to our mediated world.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

An understanding of the work behind a project gives you the confidence to effectively interact and communicate with media producers. Armed with the technical and soft skills you need to communicate through any medium, you can explore an array of career paths, including corporate communication, journalism, and human resources.