Media and Performance Studies

Performance plays an integral part in all aspects of our lives, from entertainment to culture to personal relationships. In addition to the traditional performing arts such as theater and film, the study of performance also includes folk customs and rituals, civic events, political protest, and performance in everyday life, including identity categories such as race, gender, and sexuality.

The Media and Performance Studies interest area investigates the performances at the heart of social life and communication. Courses in this interest area examine the ways in which individual performances reflect, reproduce, or challenge cultural norms, and how they shape social life.

At Bryant, you will be taught to think about both text and body, exploring the dynamic power of performance to make meaning. You will be challenged to see beyond the traditional expressions of performance to how we all perform in everyday life.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Media and Performance Studies are beneficial in a number of professional fields including: journalism, theater, advocacy, education, arts administration, public relations, politics, and film and television.

Media and Performance Studies faculty

Faculty who teach in the areas of Media and Performance Studies conduct research that spans film, television, theater, performance activism, new media, and popular culture.  Some of the faculty have authored books, and all are widely published experts in their fields.



Amber Day, Ph.D.
Professor of English & Cultural Studies

The New York TimesThe Christian Science Monitor, Northeast Public Radio, and The Providence Journal are just a few of the news media organizations that turn to Day when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are making headlines. Day recently published Satire and Dissent: Interventions in Contemporary Political Debate.

"Professional entertainers, political activists, and average citizens are responding to the political discourse around them" in order to "make forceful political claims and to advocate action in the search for solutions to real problems," she told The Huffington Post.

Performer, director, Player

Mary Green '12
Marketing Associate,

"In my four years as a Bryant undergrad, I was a member of the Bryant Players - a student-run theatre organization with an e-board and faculty advisor. Over the years, I performed in Grease, Clue, It’s A Wonderful Life, and in my senior year, I had the privilege of directing the spring musical, RENT," says Green.

"I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned over the years; the Players have taught me patience, time management, how to face my fears, how to manage a group of individuals, and most importantly, it introduced me to some people I consider lifelong friends."