Semester Programming

Bryant students with a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or greater are eligible to study abroad for a semester program through one of our affiliated program providers. In addition, the first semester that students are eligible for study abroad is their second semester of sophomore year, and should start to prepare at the very beginning of the semester prior.

Bryant offers a number of program options, including:

Direct Exchange

Students who are looking for a truly immersive study abroad student experience, interested in an English speaking location, can explore our direct exchange partnership with the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, England . Approximately a 2-hour train ride from London, Liverpool or Manchester, students can spend a semester living among the local British and other international student population. Students would pay their Bryant tuition as usual, while their housing and meal plan (if applicable) would be paid directly to Birmingham, which can be cheaper than Bryant's cost of housing and/or meal plans. Course options in business, history, literature, cultural studies, science, and psychology, just to name a few, are available.

Partner Programs

Partner programs act as the intermediary between Bryant and a university or institution outside of the United States. They provide an additional layer of support to the institution, the students and their families. 

See a list of our partner programs here.


To learn more, please contact: 

Study Abroad Office 
(401) 232-6209 
Lower level of the Unistructure near Faculty Suite J

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