If you are not yet sure about your major or career choice, you're not alone. Many enter Bryant as undecided or exploratory students. To help you make educated choices, MyPath@Bryant offers a comprehensive menu of programs and services.


MyPath@Bryant is a unique partnership between the Amica Center for Career Education and the Undergraduate Advising Office to assist the exploratory student with major and career decision making.

As soon as you begin your college career with Bryant, you may take advantage of all that MyPath@Bryant offers. We can help you narrow your options and select a major and minor through the following:

  • Personal career counseling at every level of your career development including selecting a major, concentration, or minor; exploring career options; writing and reviewing employment documents; searching for summer jobs and internships, and more;
  • Individualized academic advising to help you with long-term academic planning and course selection, define your personal and career goals, educate you about campus resources, monitor your academic progress/achievement and connect you with resources to ensure your academic success;
  • Career assessments to discover your interests, work values and cultural preferences as they relate to choosing a major and a career path;
  • MyPath Showcase, where you can learn about different majors/concentrations by talking with faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business;
  • Shadow Program, a short observational experience that enables you to visit with Bryant alumni in professional work environments to gather information on career fields of interest;
  • Career Planning 101, a five - session noncredit course open to first-, second- and third-year students who are exploring career options, are in a major or concentration they wish to confirm, or are happy with a major and working to identify career opportunities;
  • MyPath Mentor Program (MP 2 ) to learn from fellow students how they made decisions about major and career;
  • Programs, panels, presentations and networking events throughout the academic year.


Q. What does it mean to be "Exploratory"?

Students who are Exploratory have decided not to decide just yet. They explore their options through personal assessment, attending career programs, assessing core classes and having conversations with counselors, advisors, professors and others who can help them make the most educated decision.

Q. When do I have to pick a major or concentration?

At Bryant, you have until the end of your sophomore year to declare a major or concentration.

Q. Does it look bad if I enter college without choosing an area of study?

Absolutely not! Coming in as an Exploratory student is a smart way to investigate your options and ensure you are making the best choice after considering your interests, work values and skills.

Q. Are there things I can do before coming to Bryant to help me with my decision about major and career?

Looking at the undergraduate courses of study at Bryant might help you eliminate areas you are less interested in pursuing. Our Undergraduate Course Catalog has degree requirements and class descriptions for every class we offer. There are also career exploration websites that offer self-assessments and career information. MyNextMove.com and MyPlan.com may be helpful in moving you closer to a decision.

Remember, you have time! Be sure to take advantage of all our resources, services and programs once you are here.

For more information:

Amica Center
Phone: (401) 232-6090
Email: careers@bryant.edu

Undergraduate Advising Office
Phone: (401) 232-6210
Email: ugadvise@bryant.edu

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