Ann Marie Habershaw

“For a well-lived life and success in both the personal and professional realms – whatever success means to you – you must have perseverance. ... Keep at it, be true to who you are, don't let others define you.”

Beth Bombara

She believes every leader has the responsibility to guide and influence the next generation of leaders by serving as a mentor and role model.

Bunmi Akinnusotu

Studies in computer information systems and marketing helped position her on frontline of agency's Office of Land and Emergency Management.

Dana Barlow

"With accounting, you can branch off into many different areas,” recalls Barlow, who today is president and CEO of The Moore Company.

Dave Tacelli

"The successful leaders I’ve been around never fear making a tough decision," he explains. "True leaders have to have conviction in their vision and not be afraid to make decisions that will support that vision.”

David Wegrzyn

David C. Wegrzyn '86, who has a distinguished background of more than 20 years of executive leadership experience, is Vice President of University Advancement.

David Donlan

Chief revenue officer for Crayon combined his background in computer information and data base systems with an entrepreneurial passion.

David N. Ricchiute

His research on professional judgment and decision-making has been widely published, and he has provided his expertise to national accountancy organizations, public companies, and public accounting firms.

David Olney

A partner and Chief Investment Officer at Berkshire Group, he says empathy and professional curiosity are the ingredients for success.

At the intersection of content and technology, Doug Craig '90 finds success in an industry changing at lightning speeds.

Eric Handa

Global entrepreneur is CEO and co-founder of international telecommunications carrier and consultancy business APTelecom LLC, an award-winning company specializing in emerging markets.

Frank M. Hauck

In a series of top executive roles, first with EMC and now with Dell, he's thrived thanks to a Bryant education that taught him how to adapt.