Peter Bedigian '88 P'20: Building success with passion, partnerships

Peter Bedigian

Major: Management
Path: President and CEO, Omni Control Technology

Peter Bedigian at his companyWith a background in technology, automation, and law enforcement, Peter Bedigian ’88 P'20 set out to create an advanced manufacturing company specializing in automation and control solutions. He founded Omni Control Technology in 1992 to design and build control panels for a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to food packaging to rail and transportation systems.

His innovative business was acquired by NIBE in 2016. NIBE is a highly respected global leader in sustainable energy solutions based in Sweden. Omni is leading NIBE’s North American strategic development of automated heating solutions for rail and transportation systems. Omni also is one of only four “Synergy Builder Partners” for Siemens Automation registered in the United States. Siemens is a worldwide producer of energy-efficient technologies for power generation and transmission and medical diagnosis.

Following the acquisition of the company, which is located in Whitinsville, MA, NIBE retained Omni’s leadership and workforce. “Management and personnel are intact,” explains Bedigian, who is the company’s president and CEO. “With the acquisition by NIBE, we have developed a world-wide footprint.”

Bedigian credits his company’s success to several key principles. “I believe the most important ingredient for professional success is to have a passion for what you do,” he explains. He adds, “Treat your customers and supply chain sources as partners. It takes time to build trust and relationships and create the partnerships that will help your company grow. And never, ever burn any bridges.”

He also recalls how the best advice he ever received informs his leadership style: “Always remember that knowledge speaks and wisdom listens — you are not always the smartest person in the room. Cultivate good listening skills.” That advice proved invaluable when Bedigian launched his high-tech business with great vision but little experience. “I took a leap of faith going into a business where I didn’t know much but knew there was huge potential. So I built a team and relied on them. To be recognized and acquired by NIBE is a testament to all of the people who have worked for and with Omni over the years."

Bedigian’s counsel to young people entering the workforce is grounded in his personal values. “Work should never be the center of your life. There are other priorities – mine are, in this order: God, family, life, work. There’s a place for hard work and focus, but if you make work the center of your life, you will ultimately burn out."