Bryant Telefund

One of the ways we contact alumni, parents, and friends is through the Bryant University Telefund, which is staffed by more than 30 students who call not only to ask for your support but to personally thank you for the experiences and opportunities provided by your gift to the University.

The Telefund students aim for meaningful and memorable conversations. They'll tell you about all of the wonderful things currently happening at Bryant and will check on the accuracy of your mailing address, phone number and email to ensure that you are receiving the latest information from the University.

Many universities use professional telemarketing firms to generate support, but we believe no one can express the next generation's hopes and dreams better than our own students. When you receive a call from The Bryant Fund, you can be sure there is a Bryant student on the line.

Our Telefund callers work Sunday through Thursday evenings from September through May. (Calling ends by 9 p.m.) We look forward to speaking with you and hearing the story of your connection to Bryant.