Published 07/27/17

Find out more about how Bryant is creating a culture on innovation, starting with the Academic Innovation Center, at the  Innovators' Forum

Innovators' Forum

The Innovators' Forum is a place to find out more about Bryant’s expanding culture of innovation and how the University is preparing to meet the future. We invite you to share your insights, your initiatives, and thoughts on innovation.

Visit INNOVATION.BRYANT.EDU  to learn more. 

Creating a culture of innovation

In higher education, creating a true culture of innovation can be a difficult challenge—hard to find, and even more difficult to maintain. What is considered cutting edge today may be deemed conventional or even obsolete next year.

Tradition often gets in the way of trying new things. Inertia is the enemy of innovation. As a result, higher education lags behind other sectors in innovation – science, medicine, technology, commerce, the arts. Our work is to create and share knowledge. To do this we have to accelerate growth and innovation in our organizations to ensure that our students are world-ready meet the future. Our mission is to dare to be different and better and keep pushing forward.

Innovation at Bryant has taken many forms over its 154-year history. The current era of innovation was sparked by the recognition that we must evolve more rapidly to develop education models and modalities that will ensure that students are prepared for future success. 

Read more about Bryant's growing culture of innovation in the President's Progress Report on Innovation

The Academic Innovation Center: a space to push the boundaries

Most recently, an integrated team of faculty, administrators, architects, engineers, and builders collaborated to create a space that would inspire faculty to think differently about teaching and enable students to take a more active approach to their learning. An intensive five-year period of research, analysis, and development resulted in the creation of Bryant’s new Academic Innovation Center (AIC), a vibrant learning laboratory that has ignited Bryant’s next era of growth and innovation. The AIC has added a new dimension to academic life and re-energized the entire community. Learn more about the making of the AIC here.

Read more about the making of the AIC here. 

What we teach and how we teach it

Faculty throughout the organization are continually evaluating and looking for ways to refresh and improve their teaching practices. Programs like Faculty Innovation Grants, Faculty without Borders, Teaching Slams, and Research and Engagement Day (RED), and IDEA (Innovation and Design Experience for All) enable faculty to continually push boundaries. These programs create a collaborative environment and opportunities to develop and test new ideas for effective teaching methods and pedagogies.

Raising the game

Creating a culture of innovation is exhilarating. We celebrate success of the AIC, the faculty, and students as the organization continues to grow. Our mission is to dare to be different and better and keep pushing forward. We’ll keep raising our game, raising our standards, and raising our hopes. That’s not only how we can define the spirit of innovation, but equally, how we can define success.

We hope you will join us with your thoughts and feedback as we continue on our journey of discovery and transformation.

Visit INNOVATION.BRYANT.EDU to learn more.