Published 12/11/10

2009 Champion for Philanthropy Fidelity Investment, Outstanding Friend

Bryant's longtime friend and neighbor, Fidelity Investments, was honored as "Friend of the University" for its many contributions in the areas of student involvement, educational initiatives, leadership, and philanthropic support. John Muggeridge, Vice President for Public Relations, accepted the award.


Bryant University could not have asked for a better neighbor than Fidelity Investments, with which we've developed a vibrant corporate partnership highlighted by a shared commitment to innovation, quality, and integrity. From 1998, when Fidelity opened its Smithfield campus, to the present day, this relationship has grown and flourished, encompassing business, education, and community matters.

Among Bryant's students, Fidelity has found talented interns and employees. More than 300 of the University's graduates work for Fidelity. On the Bryant campus, Fidelity associates pursue graduate degrees and continuing education opportunities, in keeping with Fidelity's culture of continuous improvement. These same individuals and their colleagues, who volunteer 5,800 hours a year and serve on the boards of 50 different Rhode Island nonprofit organizations, have extended their outstanding leadership skills to Bryant by serving the University as advisors and as trustees.

Since Fidelity moved across the street, the firm has supported Bryant's Homecoming event, Career Fair, Series 7 Program, the Archway Fund, the Bryant Women's Summit, and the Financial Services Forum.

Beyond its considerable financial contributions, Fidelity has enriched Bryant's curriculum, campus programs, and student organizations by providing notable speakers. Fidelity's work with the University on curriculum has advanced our finance and financial services programs of study, ensuring that our graduates are well prepared to take on critical roles in financial fields.

Fidelity Investment's commitment to education, community, and philanthropy, enhances the Bryant experience which is rich and full, and allows the University to fulfill its mission of providing an education that challenges, inspires and prepares students for success.

For more than a decade, Fidelity Investments has exemplified the title "Champion of Philanthropy" by its demonstration of exceptional generosity and leadership. Bryant University is deeply appreciative of the many contributions of Fidelity Investments and its employees in the areas of student involvement, educational initiatives, leadership, and philanthropic support. We are honored to award Bryant University's first annual "Friend of the University" award to Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Investments, Bryant University is proud to call you a Champion for Philanthropy and Friend of the University.