Published 12/11/10

2009 Champion for Philanthropy John H. Joyce '53, Outstanding Alumnus

Champion for Philanthropy John H. Joyce '53 recently established a charitable gift annuity with Bryant that will endow a scholarship to benefit accounting or finance students. He never forgot the scholarship to Bryant he received that allowed him to enter a world that inspired and challenged him.


Education was a mightily important force in John H. Joyce's family. His two grandfathers were principals and his mother and an aunt were teachers.

When it came time for Mr. Joyce to attend high school, his family faced the reality that educational opportunities for young black men in the south were limited. He came to live with an aunt and uncle in Providence.

Dr. E. Gardner Jacobs, son of then-Bryant President Harry Jacobs, who was a frequent customer at the local drug store where Mr. Joyce worked to help earn his keep in Providence, came to know him as a determined man with a sharp mind and a strong work ethic. He encouraged Mr. Joyce to think about Bryant, a school the young man had never considered.

To attend Bryant, however, cost money. Even working 46 hours a week at a fruit and vegetable store, Mr. Joyce did not earn enough to cover the cost of college. He won a small, partial scholarship that made all the difference.

At Bryant, Mr. Joyce entered a world that engaged and challenged him. He was inspired by experts - including Dean Nelson Gulski and professors John Renza, Walter Harris, Henry Lee, James Fogarty and Henry Cruikshank - who were so gifted at imparting what they knew. After graduating, Mr. Joyce went on to succeed as an accountant, a tax auditor, and later as the founder and operator of his own businesses in New York and New Jersey.

Through the years, John H. Joyce has demonstrated generous leadership support of Bryant helping the University he reveres to fulfill its mission of providing an education that challenges, inspires, and prepares students for success. Never having forgotten how much that scholarship meant to him all those years ago, Mr. Joyce recently established a charitable gift annuity with Bryant that will endow a scholarship to benefit accounting or finance students with significant financial need, who have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

And so, John H. Joyce, believer in opportunity and Champion for Philanthropy, has ensured opportunity for future students who have the talent and drive to do something with their lives but need some help along the way. John H. Joyce, son of Bryant, you continue to be inspired by all those educators who have deeply influenced your life. Indeed, you have done them proud. And, you have never forgotten how much a little help along the way meant in your life and now you have provided the same for future students.

John H. Joyce, Bryant University is honored to call you an alumnus and a Champion for Philanthropy.