Published 12/11/10

2009 Champions for Philanthropy Gordon and Ursula Riblet P'97, Outstanding Parents

Gordon and Ursula Riblet, parents of Marc '97, have been devoted ambassadors and gracious supporters of Bryant for more than 15 years. Although their son graduated more than 10 years ago, the Riblets continue to advance the mission of the University through their roles as committed parent advocates who encourage other parents to help maintain the vibrant life of this dynamic institution.


Gordon and Ursula Riblet have been devoted ambassadors and gracious supporters of Bryant for more than a decade.

Beginning when their son, Marc, arrived on campus as a student, the Riblets -- like most parents dropping off a child here -- were delighted to find that Bryant was a good match for their son. And, over the years, they have been most generous with their kind words about us when reaching out to other parents on behalf of Bryant.

The Riblets have been signatories of Parent Appeal letters, because, as parents, they understand the significant role parents can play in maintaining the vibrant life of a dynamic institution. They did not just ask other parents for help through annual giving, however. These long time benefactors of the Bryant Annual Fund led by their magnificent example.

The Riblets were charter members of what was then the President's Leadership Council, now the Bryant Leadership Council. They chaired the Parents Fund in 1997, the year their son graduated.

Bryant is deeply grateful that the Riblets' involvement did not end at Commencement. They went on to assist as members of the Parents Committee for the Campaign for Bryant in 2000. The couple has been instrumental in planning and running the President's Cup Golf Tournament. In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Riblet continue to support and attend many Bryant events, both on and off campus whenever they can.

This passion for philanthropy is a legacy the Riblets have passed on and their son, Marc, continues to support Bryant, as well.

Gordon and Ursula Riblet, through your meritorious commitment, you have helped the University advance its mission of providing an education that delivers the highest standards of academic excellence, character, and ethics, within a global, real-world context.

Bryant University is honored to call you Champions for Philanthropy.