Published 05/25/12

IB, entrepreneurship rise in rankings

SMITHFIELD, R.I. (May 25, 2012) — Bryant University's international business program is now ranked 27th in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek , which released rankings of 14 specialty business programs earlier this month.

International business (IB) is among the University's fastest-growing undergraduate academic programs, with enrollment more than doubling between 2006 (with 150 students) and 2012 (with 322 students). Last year, the IB program ranked 41st.

Another Bryant program — entrepreneurship, currently offered as a minor and a concentration — is rising quickly in the Bloomberg Businessweek rankings. Debuting last year at 97th, the program shot up 26 points to a ranking of 71st this year. Beginning in January 2013, Bryant will offer a concentration in social entrepreneurship as well.

"Bryant's IB students are motivated, capable and bring a 'global mindset' to the table."

Madan Annavarjula

"Students who graduate from Bryant's IB and entrepreneurship programs hit the ground running, setting themselves apart from the pack," said Dr. José-Marie Griffiths, Bryant's vice president for academic affairs.

"Our IB program is among the few in the country offering concentrations in business functions — accounting, computer information systems, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing and, beginning this September, global supply chain management," Dr. Griffiths said. "By the time they graduate, every IB student has worked with a company in the region to assemble a business plan that will help the company enter markets overseas — experience that is not overlooked by the companies who hire Bryant IB graduates. (See video.)

"The other program gaining attention — entrepreneurship — is notable for its interdisciplinary approach and opportunities to work with faculty who themselves have been entrepreneurs," she continued. "In addition, our student entrepreneurs are responsible for the Bryant chapter of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization being named the nation's best four of the past five years."

"Bryant's IB students are motivated, capable and bring a 'global mindset' to the table," said Dr. Madan Annavarjula, associate professor of international business and director of Bryant's IB program. "They go through a rigorous curriculum and set themselves apart at the careers marketplace through a distinct array of attributes including language capability, study abroad and business consulting experience. They add value from day one."

Others in the field of international business education agree. Four years ago, Dr. Arvind Phatak, professor of general and strategic management and international business at Temple University's Fox School of Business and Management , served on a team evaluating Bryant's IB program for membership into the Consortium of Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE). "We saw an IB program that was poised for a bright future. The students graduate with a truly 'global' mindset," Dr. Phatak said recently.

CUIBE President Mark Ballam, managing director of the Center for International Business Education and Research at San Diego State University, echoed Dr. Phatak, adding that Bryant "is one of only a few schools in the country offering an IB program that couples functional business coursework with language training and study abroad opportunities."