Published 11/05/14

Bullish on Bryant: Wall Street Council helps launch finance careers

When it comes to starting a career on Wall Street — or just about anywhere else for that matter — there’s what you know and there’s who you know. A new Bryant initiative is working both sides of that street.

The Bryant Wall Street Council was launched this fall with a straightforward goal: to increase the profile and impact of Bryant on Wall Street and throughout the financial services industry.

“The Bryant Wall Street Council establishes Bryant’s outstanding credentials as a feeder for a major sector of the economy,” says Nick Bohnsack ’00, president and COO of Strategas Securities and one of the council’s co-founders. “It puts us in a position to compete with the Ivy League for jobs.”

How it works

The council is a membership organization of Bryant alumni, parents, and friends who work in investments, finance, banking, brokerage, or other financial services fields, on or off Wall Street. Those who join agree to make a financial contribution to Bryant and to help students aspiring to Wall Street careers. That help can include job shadowing, internships, mentoring, speaking to classes, or offering jobs to qualified Bryant graduates.

Throughout the year, the council hosts events at Bryant and on Wall Street to give members opportunities to engage with leaders of the financial services industry.

For students, participation is free, and provides opportunities for hands-on job experience and making connections with influential people who are well positioned to help jumpstart a career. “If you’re a student, we’re saying to you: here are people who were once on the same path you’re on, and now you have access to them,” says Steve Tully ’98, director of institutional client service at Cantillon Capital Management. “There’s absolutely nothing better than that.”

Bryant Trustee Robert P.  Brown ’86 (fifth from right),  president of the Global Bond Division at Fidelity Investments and recipient of a 2014 Champion of Philanthropy award, was among the Fidelity Investments employees on the NYSE podium Nov. 4 to ring the opening bell. (Group rings bell at about 3:30 in this video.)