Published 04/25/16

Matthew Licari ’16: Prepared for the global marketplace through a customized curriculum

Majors: International Business: Global Supply Chain Management, French
Hometown: Quincy, MA
Path: HR Development Program, Liberty Mutual Insurance (Boston)

Matthew Licari '16Matthew Licari knew he wanted to study business in college, but it was actually French that prompted him to make Bryant his top choice.

At a campus open house, Licari told the Dean of the College of Business Madan Annavarjula, Ph.D., then head of the International Business program, about his love of the French language and culture, as well as his desire to study business.

“Why not combine the two? Think how far your passion for learning a new culture and language can take you – when combined with a solid business education,” said Annavarjula.  Licari applied to Bryant and declared International Business as his course of study. He chose concentrations in Global Supply Chain Management and French.

Licari studied abroad for a semester in Aix-en-Provence, France, and served as a marketing intern at an eco-friendly pool company run by a former IT industry executive. “It was nerve-wracking to interview in a foreign language,” he says, “but I learned a lot about green marketing. My manager, a true businessman, helped me to understand French business culture and how companies operate.”

A job offer by his senior year; a major providing skills that readily transfer

Licari, who interned with Liberty Mutual Insurance in the summer of 2015, received an offer to join the Human Resources Development Program at the end of his internship. He was shocked because the job was outside of his major.

“When I applied, I was worried that having a supply chain background might not be what they were looking for,” he says. “They assured me that everything I had learned could be applied to Talent and Enterprise Services.

“During my interviews with Liberty Mutual, one of my interviewers stopped me half-way through and surprised me by saying, ‘I can just tell you go to Bryant.’ He himself was a Bryant grad, and he told me that I presented myself in a way that was professional, confident, and humble.”

Though life is constantly changing, Licari says he is ready. He knows that he is well-equipped for the journey. “My education is priceless because it is something that no other individual has,” he says. “Bryant University gives students that type of experience.”