Published 04/29/16

Bryant Scholars vie for some of academia's most prestigious awards

Some of Bryant's best students have been selected as the inaugural group of Bryant Scholars – an initiative that provides the support and guidance of faculty members, along with the resources, tools, and programming to prepare these high achievers to compete for Fulbright, Truman, Marshall, and Rhodes scholarships.

Fulbright scholarship applications are under way for Abraham Awwad, Tiffany Venmahavong, Juliana Longo, Brett Paley, Jared Saunders, Tom Howard, Ronny Tavares-Soares, and Jessica Fleet. Bryant Scholar Michael Braunsdorf has applied to be a Schwartzman Scholar.

"I hope to share this passion and inspire the same sense of global citizenship within others.”

“We have a pool of bright, well-rounded students who are committed to academic excellence,” says Associate Professor of Economics Edi Tebaldi, Ph.D., inaugural director of the program. Tebaldi is supported by a review council of seven faculty and staff members who evaluate applications and offer encouragement and advice to candidates. “Faculty are critical in identifying potential scholars and assisting those who are willing to step out of their comfort zones to embrace challenging academic and career experiences,” Tebaldi said.

International Business major Longo ’17 (Watertown, CT), a double concentrator in Spanish and Marketing, applied for a Fulbright scholarship to teach English in Spain.

“I knew immediately this was the perfect opportunity for me,” says Longo, who traveled to Spain five years ago. “That trip was the foundation from which my sense of global citizenship grew. The Fulbright is an opportunity to give back to the country where it all started.

“The passion I have for Spain’s people, culture, and language has truly shaped who I am both personally and professionally. I hope to share this passion and inspire the same sense of global citizenship within others.”