Published 05/15/13

150 years of educating women

Excerpted from the Summer 2013 edition of Bryant magazine

“We have had the privilege of according diplomas to young ladies whose thorough attainments in all the requisites of accountantship would put to blush the pretensions of many a bearded competitor for like honors,” declared founding father Ezra Mason in an 1865 circular produced by the Bryant, Stratton and Mason’s national business college.

Bryant is not a university that came lately to educating women for success in their chosen professions. From the very start, enrollment of women has been a priority. 

Among the highlights of 150 years of educating women at Bryant:

  • “The Status of Women in America” was the Centennial Convocation in 1963, organized by Gertrude Meth Hochberg, Bryant’s vice president of public relations and an ardent advocate for women’s equality from 1949-1977.
  • The Bryant University Women’s Summit® was established in 1997 to inspire and empower women and men so that they may advance professionally, develop personally, and provide leadership in their communities, the nation, and the world. Mrs. Kati C. Machtley is the Women’s Summit director.
  • The  Women’s Center, created in 2002, is a vital hub that provides a University space devoted to women’s issues and offers education about a wide variety of topics that affect women, both on and off campus. The Women’s Center’s first director, Toby Simon, was appointed in 2003 and in 2011 the center was named in honor of Hochberg.
  • In addition to nationally recognized academic programs in business and the liberal arts, Bryant offers academic programs that may be of particular interest to women. These include the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor first introduced in 1998, and the Women and Leadership: Strategies for Success course. 
  • A variety of annual events celebrate the diversity and contributions of women at Bryant
    and around the world, and provide a forum for exploring issues facing women in business and society.