Published 03/27/13

An international perspective of Bryant campus life

Ugonna Iheme '14: Accounting major; sociology minor; internships at PwC Boston

“Everyone’s willing to be your friend at Bryant, if you will only take the first step,” says Ugonna Iheme ’14. She came to Smithfield from Lagos, Nigeria, three years ago and dove headfirst into the campus life.

“The Bryant education experience involves so much more than just classes. I figured that out a bit late – at the end of my freshman year – so I decided to become more involved,” she says. Iheme joined the rowing team, the karate team, the student ambassador program, and the student alumni program. “It really helped me experience so many other things that I wouldn’t have experienced if I weren’t part of those teams.”

Iheme notes that 4Mile – an orientation geared specifically toward international and multicultural students – was key to helping her acclimate to her new surroundings.

"The Bryant education experience involves so much more than just classes. ... I decided to become more involved."

“When I first came to Bryant, they helped me with lots of things that may seem simple to people who are domestic students, like opening a bank account or buying stuff for school,” she says. 4Mile also provides students with advice about how to adjust to living in the United States.

“For most countries that we [international students] come from, time was not a big deal: 9 a.m. can mean anywhere from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. So we would learn about things like that. I also have a mentor I can talk to all throughout the year who would basically help me through the assimilation process into Bryant,” she says, adding that she met many of her friends on campus through the 4Mile orientation.

Iheme chose to major in accounting because she would eventually like to run a business.

“Accounting was one of the courses that really helped you know about the skeleton of a business and what really goes on in the business. It was the best foundation for me to achieve those goals in the future,” she says.

And faculty are “always ready to help. I think that’s one thing I really admire about the faculty,” Iheme adds. “I’ve had professors give me their personal numbers, Skype, and email addresses. So I know they are always open, at any time, to help students.”