Published 11/22/13

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Celebrating alumni for decades

Even a cursory glance through the campus tells you that Nelson J. Gulski '26, '72H, '92H was an important figure in Bryant's history for more than 70 years – as an alumnus, a professor, trustee, and as an administrator. President Ronald K. Machtley once noted that “In the history of any institution, there are people who embody and become almost synonymous with that institution. Nelson Gulski was such a person for Bryant.”

"First and foremost, Nelson was an educator," says Frank A. Delmonico '62, '92H , Bryant’s former vice president for Business Affairs, treasurer, and secretary. “He was truly an academic, and so was reluctant at first to become acting president in 1970.”

Delmonico and Gulski

Frank Delmonico '62, '92H, and Nelson Gulski '26, '72H, '92H in 1970.

Luckily for Bryant, Delmonico, who recommended Gulski for the role left vacant by Schuyler Hoslett’s departure, had some influence as his friend and colleague. And Gulski proved to be an exemplary leader.

“He was assured when I told him that I would be by his side in his new role,” says Delmonico. “He and I were friends and respected each other’s contributions.” This mutual trust and admiration made it all the more meaningful when Delmonico received the Nelson J. Gulski Service Award as part of the Alumni Achievement Awards in 1987. “Nelson was there to present it to me in person,” says Delmonico, “and that made it very personal and significant to me.”


The Gulski Service Award is just one of five Alumni Achievement Awards presented each year. The others are the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, the Distinguished Alumnus/a – Graduate School, the Young Alumnus/a Award, and the Distinguished Faculty Award. The Alumni Achievement Awards are how Bryant University celebrates our successful alumni.

Through their personal and professional accomplishments, our alumni enhance the University's reputation. Bryant strives to continue to develop, grow, and evolve to meet the changing demands of society and business, which are, increasingly, more interdependent, global, and socially conscious.

Top universities such as Bryant thrive because of active and engaged alumni. “Alumni are an institution’s pride, its proof of quality, its pledge to the future,” says President Machtley. “Their success makes us proud. Their involvement makes all the difference – to Bryant, to their community, to the world.”

The Office of Alumni Relations is accepting nominations for the 2014 awards through December 15 . Find the link to the nomination form here. Continue reading for a description of each award criteria.


This award recognizes a Bryant alumnus/a with a record of outstanding professional achievement or community service.  Such distinction may include the fields of education, science, business, government, sports, the arts or other areas. Among the dozens who have received this award since its inception in 1981 are George E. Bello '58, '96H , in 1984; James S. Richardson '68  in 1995; and Nancy J. Deviney '75 in 2006.


This award recognizes an alumnus/a of Bryant University’s Graduate School of Business who has a demonstrated record of outstanding professional achievement or community service. Bryant's newest award was instituted in 2011, and the first recipient was Frank A. Stasiowski '75 MBA . Also receiving awards were Phillip R. Graham '88 MST and Mirghavamaddin Bozorgmir (aka Amir Lear) '83 MBA .


This award recognizes an alumnus/a with a record of exemplary and longstanding volunteer service to the University and/or the Alumni Association.  Such service will have enhanced the name, prestige, or educational excellence of the University or significantly furthered the outreach and professionalism of the Association. Besides such well-recognized names as Gulski and Delmonico, other recipients since 1981 have included Ernest A. Almonte '78, '85 MST, '09H , in 1993; Paul V. '60 and Ruth (Hettinger) '60 DeLomba in 2000; and   J. Steven Cowen '69 in 2009.


This award acknowledges an alumnus/a who graduated within 15 years of nomination and has demonstrated innovative and responsible leadership, outstanding personal achievement, and/or dedicated community service. Among past recipients since 1989 include Jennifer (Proud) Mearns '82 in 1990; Drew Diskin '95 in 2001; and Stephen L. Tully, Jr. '98 in 2012.


This award recognizes full-time faculty members for their devotion to teaching, dedication to the profession, as well as personal concern for and commitment to students. Past recipients include Patrick J. Keeley in 1982, the award's first year; Mary Lyons and Judy Litoff in 1989; and Michael Roberto in 2011.


Bryant’s most prestigious alumni award, made at the discretion of the President of Bryant University, for service that spans decades, and has improved and distinguished the University in very special ways. This award has only been presented four times in Bryant's history. Recipients have been  Solomon A. Solomon '56, '64  in 2002; John D. Callahan '56, '05H in 2006; John S. Renza '43 in 2009; and Lucille (Gotsell) Killiany '46  in 2010.

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