Published 07/30/14

Chris Brida ’12: Using business skills in the high school classroom

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Management
Minors: Entrepreneurship and Service Learning

Chris Brida '12 As a high school algebra teacher in Baltimore, MD, Chris Brida ’12 uses the business skills he learned at Bryant every day.

“I knew at Bryant that I wanted to become a teacher, and I knew that there were a lot of business skills I could use to run and manage a classroom.”

He says he considered changing majors (Management with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Service Learning) but thought sticking in business was the best path.

“There are many things that I gained from entrepreneurship,” he says. “I work at a school in a low-income area, so being resourceful is incredibly important. The general ideas of management were tied with teaching more than I expected them to be.”

"The general ideas of management were tied with teaching more than I expected."

Knowing that he wasn’t going to go into business in the traditional sense, he appreciated Bryant’s requirement that he choose a liberal arts minor.

“It gives you a totally different perspective,” says Brida, who minored in sociology. “I’m glad that Bryant didn’t pigeonhole me into just studying courses related to my major.”

Brida was active on campus during his time at Bryant. He worked with Alex Perullo, associate professor of English and cultural studies, who started the Tanzania Education Resource Network to collect books to donate to universities and K-12 schools in Tanzania. They collected 3,500 books that have been distributed to more than 30 programs throughout the country.

Brida also traveled to Peru as part of a team of students who volunteered for a week at the Casa de Mantay in Cuzco, an organization that provides shelter and teaches skills to teenage mothers.