Published 05/07/14

Eimear Black '14: Cross-country leader a standout in the lab

Major: Biology
Minor: Business Administration
Hometown: Glengormley, Ireland
Path: Graduate work in molecular biology

An outstanding student-athlete, Irish transplant Eimear Black ’14 has led Bryant’s women’s cross-country team as captain while winning first place in the Northeast Conference for the past two years.

Black points to the athletic scholarship she has received for the past four years as a “huge help.” “It takes a whole weight off your shoulders and really helps you focus on competing,” Black says, who also receives a partial academic scholarship at Bryant – a big motivator “to work really hard to keep your GPA up and attend all of your classes.”

"You can work on anything you want if you just propose it."

She also underscores the support students can access through Bryant’s Academic Center for Excellence, which offers help with economics, math, writing, and more.  

Black discovered her path through two internships as a lab assistant. “Before I came here, I wanted to be a dentist or a doctor. I’ve discovered my passion for research thanks to an internship Bryant offered me. Now, I really want to become a molecular biology researcher. During her senior year, she conducted research involving the antibiotic resistance of bacteria in river sediment.

“There are so many opportunities to discover new frontiers in science. You can work on anything you want if you just propose it,” Blacks says.

Bryant’s student-centered environment, enhanced by small class sizes and a 2:1 mentor ratio, has been extremely valuable.

“At Bryant, there’s a tight-knit community of all scientists around my age. We were all able to help each other. We did poster sessions and conferences; we presented research; and we worked on each other’s research. It was a really good community; I learned a lot,” she adds.

Black has enjoyed the welcoming community of international students at Bryant and resources such as the Intercultural Center. “[The ICC] gives you a lot of advice from getting driving licenses to anything about graduation -- they really help you out. There’s a lot of support here.”

She also credits her coach Stephanie Reilly, also a transplant from Ireland and alumna of Providence College, as a pillar of support during her time here. “[Reilly] knows exactly what I’m going through – the classes, the stress, and how to balance all those things. Her guidance has been so helpful.”