Published 08/17/12

Trade easy certainty for life-changing curiosity

Emmanuelle Calvet ’12 / Major: Global Studies: Global Politics / Minors: Business Administration, Chinese, Political Science /  Internships: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin; State Department, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic / Hometown: South Grafton, MA /  Path: The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia

“My Bryant education means the world to me. It opened up a whole new world of opportunities.”

With a team of students from around the world, Emmanuelle Calvet helped market, plan, and execute an international conference. Mid-point through her internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, a non-governmental organization in Berlin, she was promoted to group marketing director because of an idea she proposed. “Bryant taught me well,” says Calvet. “I was able to think outside the box and develop a marketing strategy that reached a segment of the population the organization had never marketed to before.”

 “I wanted to work in a country I had never worked in and further my knowledge of international relations,” says Calvet. “When I am abroad, I have the ability to quickly adapt to the culture. I always enjoy getting to know the people and my new environment,” she says. In her time off from her internship, she explored Berlin and visited Southern France.

As a sophomore, Calvet studied for a semester in Beijing. She traveled throughout the country, as well as Malaysia and Singapore, utilizing her Chinese minor and soaking up culture, art, history, politics, and languages. This past summer, she interned for the State Department in the consular section in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, giving her a first-hand view of the work of the Foreign Service. She is currently interning with the Democracy Program of The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

“My Bryant education means the world to me,” says Calvet. “It opened up a whole new world of opportunities. People say that college is the best time of your life and they are right. I did not believe them four years ago – but I do now.”