Published 04/04/17

Experts examine the changing health care industry

If nothing else, current events illustrate the constant state of change in the health care industry, a topic addressed by Bryant alumni panelists discussing "The Business of Health Care: Innovation and Opportunities."

The session, held as part of Alumni Engagement Day March 24, featured panelists representing multiple dimensions of the healthcare field who shared "a wide range of perspectives on the state of the industry,” said moderator Sandra Coletta ’88 MBA, who has more than 30 years of experience in a hospital setting. She is former executive vice president and chief operating officer of Care New England.

“Health care is an enormous industry, almost too big,” said Vincent Coppola '95, president and CEO of IPG, a leading provider of surgical and implant cost management solutions.

Wayne Yetter '73MBA, '96H, who has enjoyed a 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, addressed the changing perceptions of his field.

“It’s been hard for me to watch the way the industry is currently perceived,” said Yetter, who has held executive positions at Merck and Pfizer and was the founding CEO of Astra-Merck. “Merck was named one of Fortune’s most admired companies seven years in a row at one point. It’s hard to imagine that happening to a pharmaceutical company" today.

Bryant alumni have been distinguished leaders in the health care sector for decades and continue to make their mark. In 2014, Bryant established its School of Health Sciences with the launch of its first clinical program, the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. Bryant is now developing an integrated Health Care Management program.

First-year Physician Assistant students who attended the discussion heard from Matthew Coppola, M.D., P ’17, on the importance of caring for their patients. “Every encounter you have with your patient, touch them, talk to them and listen," he said. "You have to make sure that when you leave, they know who you are. As long as that happens, that’s how you will survive in this field.”