Published 12/31/12

Financial planning education for alumni

Financial Services educationThis January 24, alumni in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are being invited to a financial planning seminar by alumna Eileen Cioe ’69. On March 1 and 2, Rhode Island and Massachusetts alumni will have an opportunity to attend seminars on General Financial Planning and Long Term Care Planning and Insurance. These efforts are part of a holistic effort to provide education on personal financial and estate planning, and will be part of Bryant University's 7th Annual Alumni Leadership Weekend.

“Bryant students graduate with a strong business acumen, but there are constantly changing personal planning and asset protection strategies, which present an opportunity for ongoing educational programs” says Robin Warde, director of Alumni Relations, who is working with members of the National Alumni Council to develop broad themes.

Personal experience brings larger need to light

Warde’s experience signing on to a Long Term Care insurance policy led her to seek outside advice. Alumnus Mark Andrews ’10 introduced Warde to Linda Thalheimer, a registered nurse who has specialized in Long Term Care insurance over the last 12 years. Through conversations, Warde learned about several options that she should have considered. “It was too late for me to change my policy, but Thalheimer’s approach to sharing general information about all the options seemed like the right way to start the conversation.” 

This new program will expand the Alumni Association’s efforts to bring value-added programs to alumni. For the past two years, a breakfast series in Providence and Boston has brought faculty and alumni together for professional development. By expanding this concept into the financial planning world, we anticipate covering general themes like Investing in Volatile Times, Tax Planning, Saving for College, Asset Protection, Asset Transfer, and other related topics. 

General education, no company or product promoted

We invite faculty and alumni to talk to us about presentations that are educational in nature and do not promote specific companies, products, or services. “Our goal isn’t to give business to one alumnus over another,” Warde notes. “Our objective is to provide hands-on financial education that provides alumni with a basic understanding of the concepts.” 

Do you have an idea for a seminar or workshop?  E-mail to start the discussion.