Published 03/16/15

Growing a community of emerging scientists

Majoring in Biology or Environmental Science at Bryant means small classes and faculty who will join you on a journey of discovery – one in which you will realize your strengths and passions through programs tailored specifically to your interests.

Our science professors are exceptionally dedicated teachers, mentors, and researchers. Classes include lively discussions about cutting-edge topics ranging from cloning, immunology, and stem cell research to environmental and sustainability issues. Students are encourages to think critically, voice opinions, and ask questions.

Biology or Environmental Science majors are required to take part in scientific research for a year, choosing the faculty member they want to work with. In addition to the rigorous science curriculum, a complimentary business minor gives students a well-rounded education.

At Bryant, you might:

  • Immerse yourself in research projects utilizing lab equipment that other schools reserve for graduate students
  • Examine the microbiological community in an intertidal zone
  • Travel with faculty to Outer Mongolia to gather soil samples
  • Be part of a team of researchers seeking an antibody treatment for premature infants who contract a serious infectious disease in neonatal intensive care units

Students often graduate with résumés that reflect co-publishing a paper with a faculty mentor and presenting it at a prestigious conference.