Published 02/25/13

Let Bryant help you see the world

Alumni Travel Photo - Mt. McKinley

Pictured with Mt. McKinley (Denali) shrouded by clouds in the background are (L-R) Brad Reider '07, Lynn (Moriglioni) Lusardi '81, Leanna Mansour '00, Kelly Richards '07, and Robin DeMattia '85.

The benefits of attending Bryant don’t end when you graduate. One of the more recent perks is the Alumni Travel Program, which gets more popular every year.

Since 2008, alumni have traveled to China; the Amalfi Coast; Prague, Vienna, and Budapest; Alaska; and Tuscany.

Lynn (Moriglioni) Lusardi ’81 and her husband loved the Alaska trip. “It is a way to meet new people yet have a common ground,” she says. “You have a group of people to do things with that you are more comfortable with than complete strangers, yet you’re not obligated to spend all your time with them.”

A fellow Alaska traveler, Kelly Richards ’07, says, “It was great to meet alumni at different stages in their careers and learn all the similarities of Bryant graduates regardless of age.”

That common bond strikes the travelers almost immediately upon meeting.

“I was amazed that all 48 people on the (Italy 2010) trip got along so well and created friendships that lasted beyond the trip,” says Leanna M. Mansour ’00. “Bryant people are one of a kind!”

Mansour also took the Alaska trip and says, “After traveling with Bryant, I don’t know that I would travel any other way. The prices are great, your itinerary is set for you, and it is basically all inclusive aside from a few meals.”

Alumni note that group travel is usually more affordable than making individual plans. And, they point out that letting someone else do the planning makes trips less stressful, especially since an alumni office staff person comes along. Solo travelers also commented on feeling “safer” traveling with alumni than strangers.

“The alumni travel program just added to my long list of things I love about Bryant,” Richards enthuses. “Traveling with a group takes a lot of the stress of trip planning away so you can focus on having a good time.”

Still undecided? Lusardi offers this advice: “Be adventurous, don’t put anything off, life goes by fast!”

Article author Robin DeMattia ’85 enjoyed the trips to the Amalfi Coast and Alaska.