Published 05/24/13

Social media savvy


(Clockwise, top left) David Donlon '00, Courtney Demoree '07, Ashley Lashgari '07, and Professor Sharmin Attaran

    Bryant’s Regional Alumni Networks (RANs) exist throughout the world to offer a variety of programming for alumni. Educational, networking, socializing events are coming to a venue near you. At a recent RAN event in Boston, three alumni working in the field of social media shared some valuable advice.

Courtney Demoree ’07 of Twitter, David Donlan ’00 of Hubspot, and Ashley Lashgari ’07 of Vistaprint formed a panel in May at Baystate Financial in Boston. Bryant Assistant Professor of Marketing Sharmin Attaran moderated the discussion about using social media to your best advantage professionally and personally.Whether you are at home in the world of social media or just building your first Facebook page, the panel agreed that following these principles will help you succeed:

Using Social Media for Your Business

  1. Have a genuine purpose. Don’t use social media because it’s cool, use it because it generates awareness and revenue for your business.
  2. Measure results. Everything you do on social media should have results. Put metrics in place that will help you to understand your most effective content and posting behavior
  3. Become an expert.  Post content that will establish you as an expert in your field.  Be the business that people turn to when they have a question or problem.
  4. The rule of thirds. Spend one-third of your time posting about your professional industry, one-third of your time consuming information, and one-third of your time posting more personal updates to give your business a personality.
  5. Use creativity in posting. Just because your industry may not be exciting to most people, it doesn’t mean that you have to be boring on social media. Use this as an opportunity to be creative in the way that you showcase the solutions that your business provides.

 Using Social Media for Personal Interests

  1.  Create an engaging, yet succinct, biography. Be consistent with it across all of the platforms that you use.
  2. Be yourself. Don’t try to take on someone else’s personality – be original and authentic.
  3. Keep it PG. Do not post anything that you would not tell your mother.
  4. Be passionate. Find a topic or hobby that you enjoy, and post about it on social media.  Your passion will come across in your posts and make it easier to create compelling and shareable content.
  5. Network. If you’re looking for work, many companies have started recruiting via Twitter and other platforms. On Wednesdays, search #WorkWednesday on Twitter for new openings, for example.

“In planning our programs, we try to meet the professional needs of our alumni,” says Paige Lacasse ’10, social media program officer in Bryant’s Alumni Relations office. “We’re fortunate to have experts in fields of interest such as Professor Attaran who are more than willing to volunteer their time for alumni.”

If you’ve got expertise to contribute to a topic you think is of interest to other alumni, please contact Robin Warde, director of alumni relations at or (401) 232-6253.