Published 11/23/16

Students participated in commitment to diversity event

Student rally supports Bryant's diverse population

A group of Bryant students organized “Rally for a Reason” as a way to support and celebrate Bryant’s diverse population. Spearheaded by Elizabeth Oluokun ’18 and Liam Rice ’17, students celebrated love, unity, and respect for one another on Nov. 18.

“We want to show just how strong and united our community is for each other,” said Rice. “This is a visible commitment to inclusivity.”

“We want everyone to know that their voice matters.”

The event was divided into three segments. Participants wore all black and stood in silence and solidarity for the first hour. They then took turns sharing their visions of the world they want to live in using “love words only” and the hashtag #IPledge to share how they plan to show positivity toward each other and the community. The third hour was a “Celebration of Unity" featuring students reading poetry and adding their thumbprints to a “We Are Bryant” poster.

“This event is about collaboration,” said Oluokun. “We want everyone to know that their voice matters.”