Published 06/21/16

Summer Internship Fellowships open doors to career possibilities

An experience-rich internship can be the first step toward a lifelong career, but many college students have to forego such opportunities for the income provided by summer jobs.

The Summer Internship Fellowship Program, established this year at Bryant, is enabling a dozen students to pursue top-tier summer internships that provide only a small stipend or are unpaid. A fellowship means students no longer have to put short-term financial concerns above long-term career prospects.

Offered through Bryant’s Amica Center for Career Education, these fellowships help Bryant students explore career options, develop knowledge specific to a particular career, expand skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace, and engage in experiential learning with defined objectives and goals related to a field of interest.

The Amica Center is funding the pilot phase of the program.

2016 Summer Internship Fellowship recipients