Published 03/28/13

Teaching with a view toward a multicultural workplace

James Segovis, Ph.D., Executive-in-Residence, Associate Professor of Management

James Segovis, Ph.D., an award-winning professor at both the undergraduate and graduate level, teaches management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and organizational transformation. A former director at the U.S. Treasury Office of Thrift Supervision, he is Bryant’s Executive-in-Residence. He is on the faculty of the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership, created to help public officials lead effectively through innovative, customized programs. He is also director of the University’s Honors Program.

“Academically, each course we teach is designed with a global aspect relevant to our curriculum."

Since the 1980s, Segovis has extensively researched stress and coping in the workplace. “Why do people cope better or worse under pressure?” he asks. As the co-author of Work Stress and Coping in the Age of Globalization, he examines these issues in the era of globalization.

“When I teach, I never talk about motivation by itself as it relates to the United States, which would be fruitless,” he says. “Your workforce might be dealing with people from various heritages, religious, and ethnic groups. They have different perspectives, and how you approach them or make recommendations that address the pressures they are dealing with are going to be different across cultures.”

At Bryant, there are many ways we help students prepare for the global era, says Segovis, starting with sponsoring programs through the Intercultural Center. “Academically, each course we teach is designed with a global aspect relevant to our curriculum. Our nationally-recognized First-Year Gateway gives students a global perspective on how to run a business versus the way it was just 10 years ago.”

Segovis has served as director of the John H. Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant. He connects with alumni by teaching seminars about entrepreneurship and leadership. He also works with nonprofit and for-profit organizations on strategic planning and conflict resolution.