Published 03/22/16

Verdict is in: Bryant offers outstanding preparation for law school

“The admit rate to law school for Bryant students is 99.8 percent,” says Senior Lecturer and Pre-law Program Coordinator Ron Washburn. “And our students get accepted into top-tier institutions.”

To what does Bryant attribute this success? Washburn and Professor and Chair of the History and Social Sciences Department John Dietrich, Ph.D., cite two factors:

  • Students acquire the right set of skills: writing, critical reading and the ability to summarize. “In legal studies classes, students learn to read and summarize cases. We give them enough exposure to the law school experience, so they go into it with eyes wide open,” Dietrich says;
  • “We connect the theory of law to the practice of law," Washburn says. "We explain that what they see in the movies or TV—where cases are resolved in an hour—is not realistic.” Given that several faculty members, including Washburn, hold law degrees and maintain a practice, they can separate fact from fiction.

The admit rate to law school for Bryant students is 99.8 percent.

To gain a real-world perspective of law as a career, students considering law school are encouraged to secure internships. Bryant students have gained experience in police departments, corporate counsel, private law firms, the Rhode Island Public Defenders Office, and the Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General.

Bryant also maintains an affiliation with The Washington Center , an independent, nonprofit organization serving colleges and universities by providing selected students with challenging internships and seminars in Washington, D.C. for academic credit. Through the center, Bryant students have been placed at the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency, and lobbying firms.

These experiences, coupled with Bryant students’ background in both business as well as the arts and sciences, prompt many to explore joint degrees such as J.D./M.B.A. and J.D./M.P.H. programs. Obtaining dual degrees is an attractive option, as they can improve a graduate’s marketability.

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