Published 06/13/14

Bryant team creates winning financial plan in national competition

Winning team at financial plan competitionA team of Bryant students topped 80 others to claim first prize at the 2014 National Financial Plan Competition, which attracts the best and brightest students from throughout the country. It was Bryant's first appearance at the event sponsored by International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

Jamie Pepin ’14,  Kyle Creedon ’14, and Lauren Fayne ’14 were challenged to present the best options for a fictional family to save and invest their money. After a series of qualifying rounds, the Bryant trio was one of three teams presenting in the final round to an experienced group of financial professionals who served as judges.

The Bryant students “have increased our visibility and are now on the map in the financial planning world.”

“The presentations by the three teams were absolutely phenomenal,” said Edward C. Skelly, of Sterling Financial Partners in Ashburn, VA. “I am very encouraged by what the kids are learning in school. I think the nine students who presented did a wonderful job and they will be a very good presence in the industry in the future.”

Mara Derderian, the Bryant finance lecturer who advised the Bryant team throughout the competition, said: “The Bryant students were at total ease presenting in front of industry professionals.”

Participation in high-caliber academic competitions that offer prizes along with well deserved recognition is part of the innovative applied-learning experience Bryant offers its students.

“This competition helped me in my career path by giving me the opportunity to network with professionals at the finals, improve my communication and presentation skills, and interact with professional clients," Pepin said. "These are critical skills that are musts for any professional.”

“Without question having the ability to participate and placing in the top three in a national competition is something to be proud of,” said Skelly.

The Bryant finance students, Derderian noted, “have increased our visibility and are now on the map in the financial planning world.”

The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants is a nonprofit credentialing organization of proven financial professionals formed to foster public confidence in the financial planning profession.