Published 09/07/12

What's at the root of cheating?

Research shows that frequently reinforcing academic and ethical standards, to both students and teachers, can lessen cheating. But, as Laurie Hazard tells the New York Times in this article, many schools fail to do so.

"Institutions do a poor job of making those boundaries clear and consistent, of educating students about them, of enforcing them, and of giving teachers a clear process to follow through on them," Hazard, director of the Academic Center for Excellence, tells the Times. "In the programs that colleges run to help new students make the transition from high school, students are counseled on everything from food to friendships, but 'little or no time is spent on cheating.'"

Hazard is one of the leading experts on academic success programs and transitioning from high school to college.

(Hazard's remarks to the Times were also included in this Oct. 4 Huffington Post column.)

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