Published 03/13/15

Day in demand as political satire expert

Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies Amber Day, Ph.D., was featured in several publications and broadcasts for her expertise on the use of satire in media.

Day was among the go-to experts sought out in the wake of the shootings at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris and the controversial release of the movie “The Interview.”

“You have an example of regimes being hit in their Achilles’ heel,” Day told the Christian Science Monitor. “These were salvos lobbed in the battle for hearts and minds where maybe these regimes are vulnerable.” She also was interviewed by

  • Capital News Service
  • The Conversation
  • Harvard Political Review Wisconsin Public Radio.

Her commentary in The Conversation was titled “Satire might not sway votes, but that isn’t the point.”

“The more interesting question one could ask of a piece of satire—or any form of political speech—is how it impacts us as citizens over time,” Day writes. “On that count, parody news is accomplishing plenty.”

Day has published several pieces on political satire including “Live From New York, It’s the Fake News! Saturday Night Live and the (Non)Politics of Parody” and “Satire and Dissent: Interventions in Contemporary Political Debate.”