Published 02/27/15

Finance professors tapped for expertise

Professors of Finance Peter Nigro, Ph.D., and Dave Louton, Ph.D., were featured as experts in recent publications.

In an article about Shake Shack, a New York City-based hamburger chain, Reuters quoted Louton saying “expectations were too high” for the company in its first quarter on the New York Stock Exchange.

Louton was quoted in the International Business Times on the strengthening dollar’s impact on major U.S. companies.

“The percent of revenues coming to S&P 500 firms from exports is in the region of 45 percent” said Louton. “Although we’re not really an export economy anymore, anything that puts a damper on exports is bad news for the U.S. consumer and the economy as a whole. So the Fed is backed into a corner now.”

Nigro, who holds the Sarkisian Chair in Financial Services, was quoted in a Brass Magazine article advising students not to damage their credit scores.

“Your credit score is your ‘permanent transcript,’”Nigro said. “The information stays on record for seven years and is critically important to all Americans.”

Nigro was quoted on on the same topic.

Nigro was also featured on “The mobile payment wars are about to get hotter,” Nigro said, noting that he expects Google to continue to compete with Apple Pay.