Published 05/10/16

Honors students' capstone projects take center stage

Food security and sustainable development in Chad. The effect of Tommy John surgery on a pitcher's career. A guide to restaurant accounting. These topics and 18 more were shared during this year's Senior Capstone Project Colloquium.

The senior capstone is the culminating project of the Bryant Honors Program, a distinctive four-year learning opportunity that fosters research collaboration with faculty mentors. As part of their capstone, Honors Program seniors work closely with a faculty mentor to define, compile, and present a research project on a specific topic.

The Honors Program fostered "the best relationships with professors throughout the school."

The colloquium showcases the rigor of the students' academic journeys – as well as the students' passions.

For example, John Logan '16, an Entrepreneurship and Marketing major as well as a skilled magician, explored "the connection between the art of magic and the world of business." As part of his research, he flew to Los Angeles to interview producers, entertainers, magicians, and comedians about how they develop routines and tricks, and then how they effectively communicate with an audience to achieve a successful show. 

“The Honors Program is great because it allows you to pick a subject that you're really passionate about and then focus two years on that subject,” says Logan.

Jocelyn Davies ’16, presented “Defining the Millennial Superwoman: Strategies in Work-Life Integration.” She says the Honors Program fostered "the best relationships with professors throughout the school," relationships that have enabled her "to continue my academic and professional growth."

Presenters, titles, and faculty mentors

  • Samantha Alicandro, "What is the True Cost to Stay in the Hospital?" Alan Olinsky, Mathematics
  • Emmanuel Balandi, "Water Scarcity: The Only Key for Chad to Ensure Food Security and Sustainable Development," William Graves, English, and John Visich, Management
  • Dominic Cauteruccio, "Effects of Self-Monitoring and Social Support on Exercise Adherence," Joseph Trunzo, Applied Psychology
  • Stephanie Davidson, "Green Advertising to Millennials," Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Marketing
  • Jocelyn Davies, "Defining the Millennial Superwoman: Strategies for Work-Life Integration," Lori Coakley, Management
  • Elena Freedman, "Greek Life: Perceptions on Campus and in the Workplace," Allison Butler, Applied Psychology
  • Sarah French, "Catching Card Counters," Jim Bishop, Mathematics
  • Jack Grant, "The Effect of Tommy John (UCL) Reconstructive Surgery on a Pitcher's Arm and Career Progression," Alan Olinsky, Mathematics
  • Lucas Hahn, "Global Economic Expansion and the Prevalence of Militarized Interstate Disputes," Jongsung Kim, Economics
  • Ian Harmon, "Shell Oil and Corruption in Nigeria: A Historical Context," Richard Holtzman, History and Social Sciences
  • Jodie-Gaye Hunter, "Does GPA Predict the Productivity of an Individual in the Workplace?" Edinaldo Tebaldi, Economics
  • Lena Lambrou, "Cooking and the Books: A Guide to Restaurant Accounting," Charles Cullinan, Accounting
  • Stephen Lamontagne, "The Evaluation of Rhode Island Public High School Teachers: The Impact on Students," Alan Olinsky, Mathematics
  • John Logan, "The Magic Behind Success: A Documentary Highlighting What Business Leaders Can Learn from Magicians," Michael Roberto, Management
  • Jessica Maio, "Uncovering America's Horror Story: A Content Analysis of American Horror Story," Stanley Baran, Communication
  • Drew Phelan, "Biochemical Characterization of Diamide Inhibitors with N-acetylglucosaminidases LytG from Bacillus subtillus," Christopher Reid, Science and Technology
  • Brittany Sarza, "Is It Worth Your Time? Biggest Contributors to Starting Salary for Bryant Students," David Ketcham, Finance
  • Krystin Sinclair, "Time of the Year Effects on Surgical Outcome of Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Surgery," Brian Blais, Science and Technology
  • Jessica Soojian, "Predictions of Success in the Actuarial Major," Rich Smith, Mathematics
  • Annmarie Tuxbury, "Type D Personality and Injury Relationship in Collegiate Track Athletes," Ronald Deluga, Applied Psychology
  • Taylor Vanasse, "How Health Claims on Product Packaging Influence Consumer Perceptions and Purchase Decisions," Elaine Notarantonio, Marketing