Published 04/09/12

Inspired by Women’s Summit®

The Providence Business News says the Women's Summit® is at the forefront of a movement to inspire women to do great things.

The article interviews several women who were motivated by their attendance at the Summit to start their own businesses. Betsy Fine, for example, always wanted to start her own art studio. Four years ago, after attending the Summit, she launched Betsy Cameron Fine Studio out of her home. Now some of her hand-sculpted vases are exhibited in galleries and art shows. Women who attend the Summit "keep learning new things," she told the paper. "It helps us do what we do better."

When the Women's Summit® began, "We were looking to help boost the number of young women enrolled at Bryant by showing them all the opportunities that existed for women in the business world," Kati Machtley, founder and director of the event, told the newspaper. "Now, the mission is to provide professional and personal development so that all women who attend can achieve economic stability and go out into the community," she said. "We want to inspire women to do great things, like start a business. We do have a lot of people who are budding entrepreneurs, so we're trying to show them how to take the next step."

"The growing success of the summit has put it at the forefront of a movement," the paper states. "Opportunities for women in business to attend forums, workshops, support groups, and award events continue to grow in the region. There are events hosted by politicians, chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations and media outlets."

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