Published 09/12/12

Leadership lessons from favorite teachers in the movies

What can iconic teachers from The Karate Kid, Hogwarts and Fast Times at Ridgemont High teach about leadership? posed the question to a number of business leaders, including Professor of Management Michael A. Roberto.

The Karate Kid's Mr. Miyage offers an example of how to instill confidence in a student or employee and how such confidence "can do wonders for their determination with a task or project," TheStreet reported.

"As a teacher, I try to set very high expectations for my students. I'm demanding, but fair. The movie really exemplifies that in a way," Roberto told the publication. "That's what leaders should do too."

Roberto also told the publication "that managers shouldn't go so far as to set an environment where failure is punished so much that employees are afraid to try again. 'What you want to see from them in failure is learning and improving. You want to see that they're absorbing the lesson from that failure,'" the article says.

Roberto also offers his perspective on the less-than-stellar example set by Fast Times at Ridgement High's Mr. Hand.

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