Published 11/16/15

All Bryant students traveling abroad are reported safe

Dear Bryant students, faculty, and staff,

We are all troubled by the senseless acts of terrorist violence that took place in Paris on Friday, and our prayers are with those who are directly impacted by this tragedy.

As the situation overseas unfolded over the weekend, our dedicated University staff worked tirelessly to confirm the whereabouts and safety of all Bryant students traveling abroad. We were able to reach every one of our students studying in Europe, and I am grateful to share that they are all reporting to be safe.

There are 144 Bryant students studying abroad this semester. Of that number, 97 are in Europe, with 11 students studying in France. All 11 of these students are located in Aix-en-Provence. Our professionals in Global Education and Student Life are continuing to work with these students directly, so that they have full access to our University support systems including counseling services for those who may wish to speak with someone about this terrorism. In addition, we are contacting all of our Bryant international students who are from France, and making certain that their families are safe and accounted for.

We are continuing to monitor the situation very closely. Everyone, whether traveling abroad or here in the United States, should always be observant of their surroundings and careful about their personal safety. Travel in groups when possible and please consider your safety as a condition of travel.


Ronald K. Machtley