Published 12/09/14

Bello 102 Active Learning  Classroom

The technology in the redesigned Bello 102 seminar room allows student teams to easily display work in progress.

Redesigned classroom promotes 'learning-by-doing' approach

A gift from an anonymous donor has helped transform a seminar room in the George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology into the Video Conference and Collaboration Classroom, a space that promotes the "learning-by-doing" approach to education.

"Students don't sit and listen to a lecture. They work on projects and team tasks. The faculty member then becomes a facilitator, coach, and guide. We can engage in applied learning, not textbook learning," explains Associate Professor of Management Michael Roberto, D.B.A.

Wide angle Bello The room, Bello 102, features collaborative workstations, each with a monitor that facilitates wireless group work. "Students can quickly and easily display their work to the class, so that they can receive constructive feedback and perhaps debate," Roberto says. The faculty member can easily move from station to station, responding to each team's work in real time. At the front of the room are 90-inch screens where, with the touch of a button, the faculty member can project group projects side by side.

The room also is equipped with video conference technology that "enables us to bring outside experts into that discussion," Roberto says. Students benefit because they retain more knowledge and develop skills more effectively through active learning."

"This classroom, and the pedagogy it supports, will ready our students for success at Bryant and beyond" by enhancing their skills in critical thinking, effective communication, and teamwork, says Bob Shea, Ph.D., assistant vice president for teaching and learning and director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.