Published 05/05/14

Renee Lawlor ’15: The experience is what you make of it

Major: International Business (Finance and Spanish)
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Rocky Hill, CT
Path: Starting her own company

As newly appointed president of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO), Lawlor knows that you have to work hard to make incredible things happen. Bryant CEO hosts a regional entrepreneurship conference for college students each year, an event planned and organized entirely by students. She’s networked with successful entrepreneurs like Chris Stevens, a founder of Keurig, and Dave Alwan of Shark Tank fame.

“I am one of the biggest advocates for getting involved, but I don’t do anything for a résumé. I do it for the connections.”

Two very different internships helped her to define her path. As a district manager intern with ALDI, the international grocery juggernaut, Lawlor realized that while retail was not the field she wanted to go into, she enjoyed a highly interactive atmosphere. At the consulting firm Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin in Salamanca, Spain, she gained an understanding of a professional environment in a different country. “This was a valuable experience because after graduation I want to work internationally,” she says.

Lawlor loves meeting people in her role as Student Ambassador for the Office of Admission. “I get to help so many students discover whether Bryant is the right fit for them,” she says. “I do this by telling them just some of the million and one reasons why I love my school.”

In 2013, Lawlor was honored with Bryant's Sophomore Developing Leader Award. “I am one of the biggest advocates for getting involved,” she says, “but I don’t do anything for a résumé. I do it for the connections I get to build with students and faculty.”

If you ask about her dream job, Lawlor will tell you the sky’s the limit. “I’m a big dreamer and I want to own my own business, so I’d like to think that what I want to do even doesn’t exist yet,” she says.