Published 03/18/12

Satire in political debate

Amber Day Women increasingly are turning to satire as a creative way to respond to attacks on reproductive rights, according to  Bryant's Amber Day, author of Satire and Dissent: Interventions in Contemporary Political Debate , tells that part of the growth is due to the success of satire to "satisfyingly break through the existing script" of political debate.

"What much of the recent satire has demonstrated is that there is still a lot of sanctimonious language that gets used in discussions of women's health and sexuality," she told Salon. "That language is revealed as ridiculous when applied to men's sexuality."

She added that "when satire is successful, it functions to shift the terms of the wider public discussion. And that, in itself, is a big deal."

Day is assistant professor of performance studies in the English and Cultural Studies Department of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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