Published 03/14/12

Skype your way to a job

Skype logoJudy Clare, director of Bryant's Amica Center for Career Education, told USA Today that Skype interviews are here to stay due to convenience and flexibility, and are especially useful for students who seek an internship or employment while studying abroad.

"As time goes on, I think the technology and equipment will get better and better," she said.

She also offered 11 tips for successful Skyping interviews:

  • Practice with Skype a few days — not an hour — before the interview until you feel comfortable.
  • Be sure your cell phone or any other phone is off during the Skype session.
  • Use lamp lighting and not overhead lighting, and do not sit in front of a window or any bright light.
  • You want good contrast. If you have a light background, wear a darker suit-and wear light colors if there's a darker background.
  • Eliminate clutter in the background (a bookcase or piece of furniture is OK, as long as it is neat).
  • Cover your bases in advance, so you won't have any interruptions or noise distractions.
  • Look directly at the webcam lens rather than at the screen.
  • Show enthusiasm and confidence, and remember to smile.
  • Dress professionally, as you would for any interview.
  • Consider the Skype interview not as a practice interview, but as the "real thing," because it is.
  • Be sure you have the employer's phone number ready in case Skype doesn't work.