Published 07/01/14

Heidi Marshall '14: Honing leadership skills

Major: Actuarial Mathematics
Minors: Business Administration, Finance
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Path: Actuarial field

Heidi Marshall '14 Heidi Marshall came to Bryant from Kingston, Jamaica, with an entire semester’s worth of credits. Rather than graduate early, she chose to add a second minor, Finance, to complement her Actuarial Mathematics major.

In the 2011 fall semester, Marshall led a team of students in two Management 200 projects. In one, the group was asked to study a master of management, and they chose Tony Hseih, CEO of Zappos. “We explored how his management style is different from others and how his business flourishes from that unique style,” says Marshall. In the second project, the team worked with a campus organization to help its leaders improve their leadership and management styles.

Being the team manager "taught me a lot about myself as both a person and a leader.”

“Being the team manager was extremely challenging but also very rewarding,” says Marshall. “It taught me a lot about myself as both a person and a leader.”

As a member of the women’s rowing team, Marshall has enhanced her physical and mental strength, as well as her ability to work well in teams. Among her leadership roles, she was vice president of the Alliance for Women’s Awareness, treasurer of the International Student Organization, and president of the Advanced Evolution Dance Team.

Her most memorable involvement has been as a Student Ambassador, she says. “I get to make an impact on prospective students and their families when giving tours,” says Marshall. “It is a really great thing to help future college students make the right choice.”

Bryant was the right choice for her. “Bryant allowed me to realize my passions and sharpen my natural abilities and leadership skills,” she says. “There are so many opportunities and resources on campus to take advantage of.”