Published 04/09/15

Sunday's "60 Minutes" features lacrosse coach Mike Pressler

SMITHFIELD, R.I.  – Bryant University head men's lacrosse coach Mike Pressler was featured in a 60 Minutes story by Armen Keteyian that touched on the loyalty Pressler has to Bryant University. The segment aired Sunday, April 12, on the CBS television network.

Pressler was fired as Duke University's lacrosse coach nine years ago in the wake of a woman's accusation that Duke lacrosse players raped her. Bryant University hired Pressler at a time no other school would consider doing so. The rape accusation was eventually proven to be false, and Pressler has gone on to lead Bryant lacrosse to NCAA excellence.

"[Loyalty] is everything…everything. And without that, as a man, you have nothing," Pressler tells Keteyian in the interview.

Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley agreed. Pressler "has made a commitment to stay here and that kind of loyalty [is] very rare in society," Machtley told Keteyian.

The segment yielded an outpouring of support via social media for Pressler, President Machtley,  and Bryant University, including:

Reporter Keteyian was moved by the reaction and offered this the following morning: