Published 06/18/14

Writing the book on management information systems

Ken Sousa The seventh edition of Management Information Systems by Kenneth Sousa, Ph.D., professor of computer information systems, and Effy Oz, DBA, professor of management science and information systems at the Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley, was published in January. Oz died in 2008 after completing the sixth edition. In May 2012, Sousa was selected by Cengage Publishing to assume authorship and revise the textbook.

The book draws "from the latest developments and practices from the field" and "combines a wealth of case studies and real-world examples to provide a clear emphasis on the business and management elements of information technology," according to the publisher's notes. "The  new edition offers the most current coverage available, including expanded discussions of social networking, IT security, mobile computing, and much more."

The book is available on and