Fireworks with the Bryant Bulldog statue

Resources for Smithfield

Smithfield residents and businesses have access to a variety of University programs and resources that help to develop a strong community, a thriving economy, and a vibrant quality of life.

Examples of resources and programs

  • Cultural and intellectual enrichment through such programs as the Women's Summit are available to Smithfield residents at reduced or no cost. The calendar of events lists a host of opportunities.

  • Division 1 athletics offers families access to exciting sporting events of the highest caliber.

  • Residents have access to the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library and its resources.

  • The John H. Chafee Center for International Business is available to help Smithfield businesses.

Bryant's contributions to Smithfield

Bryant makes significant economic, educational, social, and cultural contributions to Smithfield and to the state of Rhode Island.

  • The University generates more than $17 million for the local economy each year, benefiting retailers, restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses in town.

  • Smithfield receives approximately $500,000 from the State of Rhode Island to pay for the public safety services required for Bryant University.

  • Bryant contributes more than $300,000 in voluntary services and benefits, including scholarships and the Town's annual Independence Day celebration, in addition to the $600,000 that it pays for water and sewer costs (at a rate that subsidizes the individual household rate).

  • Bryant has 700 employees, many of whom live and shop in Smithfield. The University employs thousands more through activities including construction and purchasing.

  • Bryant students contribute time, money, and talent to Smithfield and the causes they believe in.

Examples of resources and programs

Bryant University and the Town of Smithfield recently reached agreed upon a Memorandum of Understanding in which the University will compensate the Town for costs incurred in providing police, fire, and rescue services to the Bryant campus community.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bryant will make an estimated payment of $25,000 to the Town of Smithfield every three months beginning June 1, 2014. There will be a monthly reconciliation of police and fire runs to the Bryant campus, valued respectively at $194.62 per run and $756.67 per run, and any reimbursement payments. Should the actual quarterly expenses for per-run services net of reimbursements exceed $25,000, the University will pay the excess; should the actual quarterly expense be less, the overcharge will serve as a credit to the next payment.

This agreement is in addition to the services and fees that Bryant University already pays to the Town. With this agreement, the value of Bryant's direct and in-kind support to the Town of Smithfield could total approximately $5 million over 10 years.

Bryant University takes great pride in our shared commitment to our hometown and all that the Town and Bryant have achieved by working together over the past 40 years.