A headshot of Breanna Tulig.

Breanna Tulig ’20


Somerville, MA

“I’ve always been a math and science kid,” says Breanna Tulig ’20. “I love to problem solve.” Through Bryant’s Data Science program, Tulig is learning how to tackle some of the biggest problems facing industries worldwide.

The University’s Data Science program, says Tulig, empowers students to build a diverse skillset, including gaining experience with programming and analytics, which prepares them to work in a range of positions across a variety of industries. “With data science, you can go into any industry that you want, and I like how Bryant sets you up to go in whatever direction you want within the field."

It was a "Computer Programming for the Sciences" course that helped her find her path. “I didn't think that I could ever learn to program. It just seemed like something that was so far beyond me,” she recalls. “But the way my professor taught the class and the availability he had – I visited his office every single week, and he would always sit down with me and help me out – helped me find my passion for it.”

As an Analytics Reporting and Technology Intern with FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers, Tulig is gaining vital experience while exploring her field through an innovative co-op developed in partnership with the Data Science program. “I really feel like I'm part of the team,” she notes. “People appreciate my work and they trust me to get the job done and do it well.”

A MyPATH mentor, she’s eager to share what she’s learned with other students. “I’ve gotten my feet wet a little bit, and I’m at a place where I can be a mentor,” says Tulig. As Marketing Director for Bryant's Data Science Association and Event Coordinator for the Women in Technology organization, she’s helping inspire other women to take their place among the next generation of data scientists.

“For just about any job, someone has told a woman ‘you can’t do that,’” Tulig notes. “I think it’s good to show that we absolutely can.”

Real World Experience


Analytics Technology and Reporting Intern, FM Global
• Extracts insights from data to assist the data analytics team in making business decisions
• Uses analytical tools for projects such as Power BI, Visual Studio, and SSMS
• Uses basic R to collect Tweets on workforce sentiment

Strategy Intern, RTN Federal Credit Union
• Assisted the chief strategy officer in developing a four-year business plan
• Analyzed company-wide financial reports in Excel
• Created a Smartsheet template for the VP of Security to track the completion of audit reports


Habitat for Humanity
• Assists Habitat for Humanity of West Bay & Northern Rhode Island with building affordable housing for families in need and volunteering at its fundraising events


MyPath Mentor, Bryant University
• Guides exploratory students through major and career decision making
• Assists with planning and implementing MyPath programs and events
• Develops strong leadership, speaking, advising, collaboration, and cultural awareness skills


Marketing Director, Data Science Association
• Promotes programs and events that expose students to elements of the data science field

Event Coordinator, Women in Technology
• Helps plan events that introduce students to key technology ideas, concepts, and contacts

Study Abroad

Sophomore International Experience, South Africa
• Traveled to Johannesburg and Cape Town with a team of Bryant students to study South African history, economics, and culture
• Raised $2,000 and donated toys to an elementary school in Cape Town

A Connected Community

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A headshot of Stephanie Lherisson.
Stephanie Lherisson '19

“I'm really passionate about equality and equity, and I want to help people find common ground, especially at a time when there's so much division. I want to be a voice for people who have no voice.”

Patty Adesanya '23
Patty Adesanya ’23

“After taking HR classes, I realized I’m a people person. I like to see how you can use training and development to make someone better. That resonates with me.”

Natalie Sims ’25
Natalie Sims ’25

“I chose IB because of the requirement to study abroad. I really love traveling and am excited to study in Spain in the fall.”